The HEIST - Crime does pay. Bank robbery in real time

$39.00 USD

Live Mission Game (LMG) is a new exciting game concept that simulates a mission in real time. As the mission leader, you are responsible for the smooth running of this operation. The game cleverly combines elements of both escape and detective games and is suitable for anyone who wants to live through a captivating mission.

In "The Heist" you'll act as a team that orchestrates field agents in carrying out a bank robbery.

The world is threatened by a massive cyber attack by the Zipacna cartel. Your mission is to break into the cartel's house bank to steal the financial resources planned for the cyber attack. Take your time to prepare the bank robbery and coordinate the field agents - keep in mind: the execution happens in real time! Save the world from the cyber attack!


TYPE: cooperative deduction game
GAME DURATION: 90 -150 minutes
AGE: 17+
MEDIA: Telegram Chat App and Internet access required
CONCEPT: designed as a one-off game like an Escape Room or Murder Mystery
REPLAYABILITY: can be played again by other players

NOTE 1: If you are playing as a team of several people, make sure all of your team colleagues use a gadget to communicate with the agents. This is an important factor for a best immersive experience.

NOTE 2: If you get stuck, the AI bot will help you out with managing the mission. There is also a web page where you can get hints to proceed with your special operation.

NOTE 3: mission complete? We are already working on another one  The game you played can now be used by your friends, because the material is not destroyed during the game. Sharing is caring 

We wish you an unforgettable experience with the game!