Cluebox - Escape Room in a Box. Davy Jones Locker.

  • The Cluebox is part escape room puzzle, part mechanical puzzle box.  A combination of the two really. It’s an interactive box with various puzzles.
    Unlike standard puzzle boxes, the Clubebox has a story behind it and provides a series of clues engraved into its walls.  In other words, this is an Escape Room in a handy format! Every step to open the box is based on logical deduction and decision. There’s no randomness at all about the process.

    You loved the original Cluebox; the story of Schrödinger’s Cat.
    This is the next level in Cluebox solving; the story of Davy Jones Locker.
    Set in London, 1720. Ian Kensington is responsible for the first successful recovery of a sunken ship. He describes to King George I of England Davy Jones Locker in the context of a legend despite actually finding the artifact. Davy Jones supposedly hides a replica locker on every sunken ship and in it, he locks away the wandering souls of all sailors who lose their lives at the sea. He promises to release those soles if anyone can open them. Nobody has been able to reveal their secret so far. Can you crack the code and open the locker?

It’s always hard to say how long it will take anyone to complete a series of puzzles like this but the developers suggest most people should take about 60-90 minutes. We actually think it will take you quite a bit longer than that unless you are really good at deciphering cryptic clues!!! Perhaps you have lots of Escape Room experiences to call on. This could also help a lot. But in general, the puzzle box is aimed at 14+ Why not get 2 and have an escape room party?  Great fun to connect over the holidays and have a virtual party!

Unlike many Escape Room puzzles and games, this puzzle box is resettable so if you’re brave enough to try to open it yourself you can also use it as a sophisticated gift wrap by placing your gift inside then closing it up again. 

The Cluebox has been developed and manufactured by iDventure from Germany and we have imported them directly from that company.  In the past iDventure had developed only virtual escape room and murder mystery games. But since the success of their first Cluebox-Schrödinger’s Cat, they’ve spent the last eight months designing and testing their new Cluebox-Davy Jones Locker version.

This is a very sophisticated Escape Room Puzzle Box combination. The team at iDventure say it’s their most complex project to date both from a design and manufacturing perspective. The puzzle is made with loving care out of birch wood and wood oil, consists of 72 individual parts assembled with care by hand.  Some of the parts are small but the Cluebox is very well made and there is absolutely no force necessary to remove any parts.

Size: 110mm x 110mm x 120mm
If you’re brave enough to open it yourself you can put a gift inside and reset it again to give to someone else.  Space inside: 45mm x 60mm x 10mm

There is a very detailed solution available which is accessed from information on the card that comes with the puzzle.