Bicycle Black Ghost Rare Playing Cards LEGACY EDITION

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This ALL NEW design of Bicycle Black Ghost V2 includes a spooky nebulous vision of the popular rider-back style on the tuck box in black foil. Encircled by delicate paranormal embossing, the tuck box of Bicycle Black Ghost Legacy Edition Playing Cards is very unique and mesmerizing.

Inside you'll see a modern yet nostalgic back design with refreshed court cards and pips.

Only existing in folklore, the Black Ghost were a myth and occasionally witnessed in select Ellusionist promotions and contests.

Dragged into the industry by overwhelming demand, they became a reality.

This ALL NEW design features a ghostly apparition of the famed rider-back design on the tuck.

Inside you'll find a modernized but familiar back design with updated pips and courts.

Capture this myth. Order Legacy Black Ghost Today. 

Product has been discontinued, limited stock available in NZ,