Japanese Handmade Puzzle Box 3sun 12steps Yosegi / Kuzushi

  • Japanese Handmade Puzzle box Himitsu bako 3 sun 12 steps
    Ko yosegi and Kuzushi yosegi combination design

    Box outside Size : 90 x 60 x 50mm (Box inner size:56x48x35mm)

    This box is opened by 12 steps. This puzzle box have 2 slide keys and 3 slide panels. 3sun is Japanese Measure,1sun is 3cm(1.18inch).The length of this box is 9cm(3.5inch).and Marquetry of Japan(Yosegi) is used for the pattern of this box. This marquetry(yosegi) is used the color of a natural wood, and this pattern is made only from Wood.

    **The wood mosaic pattern of top and bottom panels may be differed from these picture. because parquet pattern is a continuous pattern. so The top and bottom panels of each boxes has a different pattern.

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