Tricycle Vinco Puzzle

$51.00 USD

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange – Washington DC, August 2012
Presented by Laurie Brokenshire. Made by Václav Obšivač. Designed by Václav Obšivač.

Difficulty 5+/5 on Vinco’s scale.

You may try 3 (Tri) challenges using the mathematically complete set of 4 different woods on each of 6 pieces which look a bit like bicycle wheels.

1. Uni-Cycle. Simply form a cube; not too difficult.
2. Bi-Cycle. Each corner of the cube must be one single colour; a bit trickier and you’ll need to put some thought into your strategy to solve this one.
3. Tri-Cycle. The cube must have no identical colour touching anywhere, not even diagonally or on an edge. This challenge requires a new approach and is a lot more difficult.  You’ll need to keep working at this one and you’ll need good resolve to do it.

You might at first think you need two sets of hands to put this one back together but the puzzle is quite stable and will sit together even with a piece out while you’re working on it.

Size: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm

Vinco collects many trees in his local area to create these puzzles including acacia, ash, beech, cherry, elm, larch, maple, oak, pear, plum and walnut. Timber variety may vary from puzzle to puzzle unless otherwise specified. The puzzles are finished with liquid bees wax to showcase the natural colour and texture of the wood.

A printed solution to challenges 2 & 3 is inside the box.