Three piece Interlocking Aluminium Puzzle Box


    The puzzle is to separate the interlocking pieces of the box puzzle and then put them back together again.There are three pieces to make the box.

    The principle for opening this box is one that may be known to experienced puzzlers but the Aha! factor is always there with this one.

As well as that, the machining of this puzzle is of the highest quality workmanship and as always with Wil's aluminium puzzles the fit is perfect and a joy to open.

The box opens to reveal three small inner compartments where you can store small items like earrings, small rings and the like.

Not very big, but very attractive and machined to the highest quality. Beautifully presented to give with a significant gift hidden inside.

A very high quality product made from precision machined polished Aluminium.

Outside: Diagonal 60mm High 30mm

Inside space: There are three odd shaped compartments inside which can fit small rings or something similar. Deep: 14mm Size: 10mm x 20mm x 20mm x 20mm

Wil is a true puzzle solver and has the philosophical view that puzzles should not come with solution sheets. So, if you purchase one of these puzzles there will be no solution supplied.