Schieblehre Sliding Block Maze

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  • How to move the ball bearing from the Start to the Finish position under the perspex cover?

    You'll need to tilt the puzzle from side to side to move the various tiles around inside the frame. You can line up the gaps and spaces so that the ball bearing can pass in and around one tile to another to get to the final goal. But as usual there's a catch! Under the tiles there's tracks machined in the wood that the ball bearing runs in so it's not free to move just anywhere.

This puzzle looks similar to a version Jean Claude made some years back. It's slightly smaller and the piece with the steel ball bearing inside is restricted to moving only up and down.

The puzzle is made of laser cut plywood with metal ball bearing. The veneer finish is high quality. The colours in each puzzle vary and will be sent at random.

Size: 137mm x 90mm x 16mm
No solution is provided for this puzzle.

The puzzle is designed and made by the prolific German designer Jean Claude Constantin. His puzzles are not mass produced but he has been making and selling puzzles at the Christmas Markets for more than 30 years. Over the years he has made hundreds of different types of puzzles from trick boxes, mazes, trick locks, rope and metal disentanglement puzzles, sequential movement and sliding block puzzles like this one.