Safe Puzzle - free the Euro from the multi level maze

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  • Find the way through the double-layered maze and free the Euro from the labyrinth. A very, very hard puzzle designed by Jürgen Reiche at Siebenstein-Spiele. Difficulty level 6 out of 7 on their scale.

    The maker of this puzzle Jurgen Reiche says it’s “nicht für schwache nerven”; not for weak nerves!

Just like those trying to solve the Eurozone crisis a few years back….  This one is going to need nerves of steel, and perhaps more than just a little good fortune.

Diameter: 93mm Height: 25mm
A solutions is enclosed.

Made from laser-cut veneered plywood. Available in various wood colours.  The tones are generalised and some puzzles do vary slightly from these photos.

The puzzle has a perspex cover and layers so you can see all the workings of the maze; a very good quality finish. Some of the laser cut layers are quite fine and very detailed so the old saying of “no force required” is as true as ever here.   In fact you need some care when playing with this puzzle and we do not recommend it for children.   Things need to be correctly aligned for the pins to move so that no force is ever needed to solve.

Jurgen’s puzzles really do show a highly developed sense of European style. He started his puzzle career working with the famous German designer and puzzle maker Jean-Claude Constantin before deciding to go out on his own and start the company Siebenstein-Spiele in 1992 based in Munster, Germany where he lives.