Revenge Lock alias The Wanderer by Wil Strijbos

  • This puzzle lock is the latest puzzle released by Wil Strijbos of Streetwise Puzzles.

    The challenges are described in two parts:
    First Part:
    1- Discover your Number
    2 - Open the Shackle
    3 - Remove the Brass Key
    4 - Find the Tiny Wanderer??
    Second Part:
    5 - Replace the Wanderer - Brass Key - Shackle
    6 - Put the Lock back in the Frame.
    7 - Fix the Lock back into the Frame.

There are no magnets, no banging required, no force needed. Along the way you may at first think there's dexterity involved to solve it. But dexterity can be almost eliminated by using some of the parts supplied with the puzzle. Brian definitely took longer to put it back together than taking it apart; even though by that time you can see all the parts before you.

The lock is spring loaded so Wil warns to take care of the "Spring" and the "Wanderer". Is this a useful hint? We doubt that, knowing Wil!

Size: 78mm x 100mm (height to the top of the shackle) x 20mm
A really well crafted puzzle milled from solid polished aluminum. Very substantial and quite heavy. The lock is engraved with Wil's signature.

Wil is a true puzzle solver and has the philosophical view that puzzles should not come with solution sheets. So, if you purchase one of these puzzles there will be no solution supplied.

The story of "Revenge Lock" re-named "The Wanderer" as told by Wil is:

Many years ago Gary Foshee came up with a creation he named the "Lunatic Lock". I was very impressed with this rather unique creation, indeed it provided a lot of inspiration for another puzzle. I came up with some new ideas and, with Gary's permission, I created a look-alike lock with a totally different internal construction. The "Revenge Lock" was born. At the time (around 1990) I produced around 20 or 30 Revenge Locks.

Since then a number of collectors have asked me about the Revenge Lock and about 2 years ago I decided to look into producing a new version. With all the possibilities that CNC machines now bring, I was able to create an entirely new mechanism hidden inside the familiar external shape. About a year ago, after I'd already worked through a few prototypes, I thought the the Revenge Lock was ready for production. Around that time, at my annual King's Day Meeting, the Wanderer tested my Lock. The Anonymous Wanderer (A.W.) solved the Revenge Lock in an impossible way. Luckily Sherlock Holmes (S.H.) was standing close to the Wanderer at the time and reported to me how A.W. had solved the Revenge Lock. Following S.H.'s explanation of this illegal solving approach I immediately decided to redesign the mechanism. After consulting with my Approbation Manager Louis, I found a design that would force the solver to start from (only) the correct start position - with no chance of starting halfway through! [When the Lock is in the frame, it is at the starting position.] To add even more control to the available positions along the way, I have put a Wanderer inside, which is why the name of the lock has now changed: "Revenge Lock" re-named "The Wanderer"