Penny Arcade

  • This mechanism has been in my head, for quite a while:
    I remember as a kid, at the old boardwalk arcade,back in the corner, where they kept the 19th century, penny games, (ornate cast iron machines, 20 coats of porch furniture paint, oiled levers , cogs , gears, all doing mysterious unseen tasks ....ahh adolescent heaven...
    There was a great one where you had to line some worn out sequencial post card pictures with a target; you looked through a scope- turned a crank- and pushed a button just the right time to sink the cardboard ship.

    This box trys to channel the mystique of that old machine, but wait, this is a puzzle box... expect some chicanery ,misdirection.

    Designed and handmade by USA craftsman T.C.

Made from antique hard wood.