Tile a Prayer Puzzle Box

  • NEW PUZZLE BOX tempo name ' Tile a Prayer'

    A tricky puzzle itself the box will become an "instant heirloom" ..with a vintage finish and a 19th century mechanism it looks as if it should be kept in a glass case.

    The quest to open this box begins with a tile puzzle....
    It is a shortened version of a design,( U.S. patent over a century ago) requiring about half the 61 moves needed for the original design...

When the tile. Problem is solved the top moves and one may think the solution is at hand ... Not !!...
..."There's still a few more conundrums on the veranda before y'all get to the front door..".

The interior of the is 2+1/2 " high by 3" wide by 3" deep

This puzzle box is designed and handmade by T.C. USA.