Luddite's Mill II


    The motion of a Wankel engine was the inspiration for Luddites' Mill

    The medallion piece gliding on the copper top of the box rotates on rolling elliptical path sounds complicated? but just a twisty sort of motion. Things become more interesting when the entire top begins to spin. The interaction and an secretly operated access door complete the recipe for the puzzle.

    1. A heirloom quality decorative item , Luddite’s Mill can be difficult puzzle box to solve; it also includes a storage space
    2. However the solution once mastered, can be swiftly repeated enabling you easy access to the storage.
    3. The box is made of recycled wood (ruins of a 19th century hotel); hand finished with brass accents.
    4. Outside dimensions 5''x4''x4'', with an inside dimensions of 4''x3''x2.5''
    Oh yes almost forgot there is a positional clue on the box you're more than likely going to find useful.
    Plans are to build 50 units ,each box will be numbered signed and dated

    *Luddite...one of a group of early 19th century English workmen,who destroyed labor saving machinery in a protest of automation; broadly : one who is opposed to technology.

    ****** NOTE ****
    Although the solution remains the same Luddite II has ..
    ....Morgan silver dollar medallion.

    ....Improved and refined mechanism form the original.

    ....Clues are a little more intuitive but not necessarily easier.