Lock 064 trick opening puzzle

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The puzzle is a lock and the object is to open it.

But despite the numbers on the dial on the face of the lock, and the dial does turn around, it is not simply a combination lock. The puzzle has other elements to it that put it in the trick opening puzzle category.

The puzzle was designed in 2017 by Jurgen Reiche from the German puzzle makers Siebenstein-Spiele and it's one of his hardest rated to date. Siebenstein-Spiele have given it a rating of 7 stars out of 7 so you know for sure this is a very very hard one!

Security Corp 1871. What does it mean Does it mean anything? This puzzle originates in Germany so is it that Wilhelm I became the first German Emperor at the start of 1871? And on the back is engraved Nr. 064-00. Is it just so we know the name of the puzzle?

Jurgen was giving nothing away except the story of how he came upon the idea for the puzzle. In his own words "Some time ago I heard about another puzzle, which you could solve, if you move the body and hold all other moveable pieces still. I thought that this is a great idea. I don't know how this other puzzle works, I never saw this one, but I thought about the idea and find a solution, which I could use for a lock."

Size: Diameter of the round lock is 125mm. The puzzle is 23mm deep.

Instruction not included by the designer, please contact us if assistance is required.