Japanese Handmade Puzzle Box 5 Sun 10 Steps Maiko

  • Japanese handmade puzzle box 5 sun 10 steps Kaminari-Fuji and Tsub

    Amazing wood inlay from native wood in Japan, highly collectible.

In Hakone and Odawara district of Kanagawa Prefecture, is known as "Traditional Puzzle Box (Trick Box)."

It is one of the woodwork handed down from old times in Japan. The origin goes back even to the Meiji era (1868 - ). These structures inherit the technology from the Karakuri house of the Ninja in the Edo period (1800s).

The trick box, with its advanced technological aspects, requires perseverance to manufacture. This Bushido (Samurai) spirits. Despite its intellectually fascinating design and function, The trick box is anything but mechanical, the feel and sound by which the wood runs are simple and gentle.

This is the charm of the Japanese puzzle box. Handmade by Japanese craftman in Hakone.

Size: 151 x 97 x 68 mm (Inner 104 x 79 x 42 mm)

This box is opened by 10 steps. 5 sun is Japanese Measure,1 sun is 3cm(1.18inch). Marquetry of Japan(Yosegi) is used for the pattern of this box. This marquetry(yosegi) is used the color of a natural wood, and this pattern is made only from Wood.

**The wood mosaic pattern of top and bottom panels may be differed from these picture. because parquet pattern is a continuous pattern. so The top and bottom panels of each boxes has a different pattern.