Hanayama NEWS puzzle designed by Nob Yoshigahara

  • Hanayama Difficulty Level 6 – The hardest!

    The object is to separate the two parts – N E W S.   Nob Yoshigahara (1936 – 2004) came up with the idea for this puzzle when he was 19 years old while strolling home in the snow one day.

Nob was a world-renowned puzzle collector and puzzle designer. He was instrumental in bringing the first Hanayama cast metal puzzles to the market. Many were improvements on historical designs, produced in a size that made it easier to play, cast in metal to make them withstand repeated use.  Nob then began to contribute his own original designs like this one.

Unfortunately saying anything here about its construction would give away how to solve it.  We certainly don’t want to disappoint the fans that have come to expect frustratingly difficult puzzles from Nob. Besides, Nob always loved the fans who refused to take any hint the most!

The level of difficulty is very high because it’s very difficult to work out the solution to the puzzle.  Once done the puzzle is not difficult to memorise.

The key word is “needle”.

This is a very solid cast metal puzzle design which makes it strong. But really there is no need for strong because the solution has nothing to do with brute strength.

Size:  Puzzle diameter: 45mm

The puzzle in window faced black box.  These are just a couple of the old style box we have left. Box size: 75mm x 115mm x 45mm
Hanayama puzzles come packaged with a printed solution. This is the genuine solution supplied by Hanayama, not offered as standard by other sellers.

The new Hanayama Huzzle range provides puzzles for adults which are solved using a blend of inspiration and logic. The challenge is to take the puzzle apart and put it back together. Simple, yet so deep. You will need your hands and your brain on board to solve the Huzzle puzzles! Happy Puzzling.