AstroReality: EARTH Pro Smart Globe 3D printed Earth model

$96.00 USD

EARTH: Augmented Reality enabled model of planet earth

How much do we know about the impressive planet we all live in? Now, you can take an epic trip around the globe through space and time with our EARTH model and corresponding app. EARTH is the first-ever augmented reality-enabled globe that lets you see our planet's changes across history. Just open the app and point your phone's camera at the model for a deeply immersive learning experience.

The app displays information on several in-depth categories: Animals, Plants, Geology, Environmental, Humanities, Meteorology.

Ever wondered how many gallons of water are in the ocean? With EARTH you can track geology, to study the formation and evolution of our physical planet. Curious about what animals inhabited your country 1,000 years ago? You can track the migration and habitats of animals past and present.

EARTH's technology takes you through time to explore our planet's rich geographic history, along with the current state of our world due to climate change, natural disasters, and more. The deeply-layered, interactive experience covers basic geographic information such as landmarks, latitude and longitude, time zones, and regions. The app also displays complex visualization across various topics such as heat maps, cloud atlases, point maps, texture maps, and more.

Control EARTH with your voice

While you explore the globe with your hands, use our smart voice technology - named GAEA, powered by Microsoft LUIS - to direct the app and discover a wealth of information about the earth.

Here are a couple questions you can ask Gaea across the various categories. Just say "Hey GAEA!" and ask away... Gaea displays the information you want, right before your eyes. Or, get Gaea to navigate you around the app!

Who is EARTH for?

AstroReality made the EARTH experience incredibly easy to use for everyone - from schools who want to adopt the latest technology for their students, everyday knowledge-seekers, to model collectors, and enthusiasts.

How EARTH is made

AstroReality uses poly resin density, 3D printing, and paint pigment ratios to create EARTH. Then, they refine the models to ensure the surface details 'ocean, land, mountains' are clearly visible.

EARTH is made with an eco-friendly paint and production process. 3D printing is extremely precise, and levels down to 0.05 millimeters' printing error has a precision of 0.025 millimeters, printing resolution reaches 4000 DPI, and up to 0.006 millimeter per pixel. They then finish with a hand painted layer on every single unit.