Dovetail Cube take apart puzzle cube by Wil Strijbos

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Blue & Green
Blue & Orange Red
Blue & Purple
  • The puzzle is to separate the two halves of the cube. That part of the puzzle is not too difficult to solve for experienced puzzlers; quite unusual for a puzzle by Wil Strijbos.

    But that is actually not the trickiest part of this puzzling object. Perhaps more perplexing is to work out how the two parts can fit together and move apart as they appear at first glance to be impossible to open.

Once apart, you can see the precision milling/cutting that has gone into making them look impossible to separate…really quite amazing. It’s no surprise that Wil says they required special custom-made tooling to machine.
And the attention to detail does not stop there. Wil has also designed the puzzle so that the opening mechanism is trapped and cannot fall out when the pieces are separated.

These dovetail cubes are as much puzzle art as they are puzzles but nice to hand out to non-puzzlers to puzzle over.

There are three different Dovetail Cubes in this series. They have the same locking mechanism.  But all three have different engineering to enable the movement of what seem like impossible dovetails.

Choose from:
Dovetail Cube 01 – Blue & Green anodised aluminium. 
Dovetail Cube 02 – Blue & Orange Red anodised aluminium.
Dovetail Cube 03 – Blue & Purple anodised aluminium. 

Size: 41mm x 41mm x 41mm

Like all Wil’s puzzles, they are very precisely made from anodized aluminium.

Wil is a true puzzle solver and has the philosophical view that puzzles should not come with solution sheets. So, if you purchase one of these puzzles there will be no solution supplied.