Don't Get Cross take apart puzzle

  • The object is to remove the ring.... without bending it out of shape.

    In 1910 Herbert Taylor patented the underlying idea for this puzzle and it was used to create the Johnny Walker Trick Matchbox puzzle - NOT a cross. Maybe it was done to annoy or trick adults. But it's more likely it was really a safety idea to stop children being able to open the matchbox and get to the wax matches inside which would strike and light on any surface.

The famous Japanese puzzle inventor,Nob Yoshigahara (Born 1936 Passed Away 2004), first created the puzzle using the cross in 1981. It was called Dual Cross. It's a two step version?? from Mr Puzzle. The Dual Cross was very closely related to the cast metal NEWS puzzle now being made by Hanayama..

You really need to think laterally about this one. Nothing except the ring seems to move and it's definitely not long enough to go over the ends of the wooden cross. So how can it come off?

Size 100mm x 100mm x 35mm