Danlock - the amazing puzzle lock by Dan Feldman

  • It might look like a normal padlock but it doesn’t take long to notice that you’re getting one key attached to the shackle and the other key is broken!
    This is actually a lock that you will have to solve more than just one puzzle to open.
    And then you may think because you’ve opened it that you will understand exactly how to close it again. Think again. This is the Danlock. A puzzle lock that blows that theory right out of the water. The feedback from many, many puzzlers is that getting it back to how it started with the padlock closed and the key trapped on the latch is even harder than picking it in the first place.

    You get all the tools you require with the lock. No external tools are required to solve it. Do not use either the metal ring that holds the two broken parts together nor the DanLock’s bag. Use just the lock and the two keys provided.

The famous puzzle collector and renowned puzzle solver Edward Hordern (1941 -2000) wrote in CFF Magazine in 1998 that if he could only keep 3 of his puzzle locks (he had more than 200 of them!) he would keep this one and just 2 other antique locks. High praise from a man who collected many thousands of puzzles in his lifetime.

Brian (aka Mr Puzzle) has said for years that this is not just one of his favourite puzzle locks but his all-time favourite puzzle. It’s one of the things that started him down the track making sequential discovery puzzles.

And there are any number of other reviews out there that give the same recommendation; no puzzle collection is complete without a Danlock.

Danlock is an original puzzle lock designed by Dan Feldman from Israel. The locks are made from real padlocks made by Nabob in Israel that have been transformed into these amazing puzzles.
Originally Dan made the locks himself and now his son Boaz has taken over.
Size: 84mm x 50mm x 17mm
Packaged in a felt bag with the solution.

It’s just a normal lock. How’s that a puzzle? That’s the question that Chris Ramsay asked when he decided to do a YouTube video of solving the Danlock. Since then almost 10 million people have viewed that video. But don’t go there if you want to buy and solve the puzzle yourself.