Centrale Box Trick Opening Puzzle by Siebenstein-Spiele

  • The challenge presented by this puzzle is to open the drawer.  It does not come right out but does open wide enough to slip in a ring or some other small item.

    The drawer does move slightly in and out, and the box rattles a bit as though there’s something in there, but when you try to pull it out it won’t budge any further! And there’s those strange graphics engraved on to the top of the puzzle. Could they be a clue?  If they are it’s pretty cryptic.  And knowing this designer they might be only that – strange graphics!

Centrale Box is not like a traditional Japanese puzzle box where you slide panels in turn to open the box. The mechanism to open this box is quite different to those puzzle boxes.

Not to be confused with another Jean Claude Constantin design called Centrale (but not Centrale Box) released back in early 2013. That puzzle is a maze type puzzle where you need to navigate the hidden maze with the ball bearing until you can release the coin from the puzzle. Jean Claude has literally created hundreds of designs and probably just forgot he had already used the name.

The puzzle is crafted from made of laser cut wood with metal parts.

Size: The outside dimensions are 80mm x 88mm x 45mm  There is space inside the drawer to store or hide a small item but because the drawer does not come right out it’s not a very usable space. The dimensions inside the drawer are 45mm x 25mm x 20mm deep. But the opening is only 25mm x 13mm.

This puzzle doesn't comes with the instruction. We are always here if you are really got stuck.

These secret opening boxes, trickboxen in German, are designed and made by Jean Claude Constantin who lives and works in Nuremburg.  John Claude mostly makes and sells puzzles for the famous Christmas Markets all over Germany but sometimes we are able to have a few copies to sell.  The supply is limited so once these are sold it is uncertain when, or if, we will have them again.