Cast Donuts takeapart brainteaser By Hanayama

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  • Difficulty Level 4 – Fairly Hard

    Cast donuts (or is that doughnut?) has beautifully shaped rings that look like two donuts intertwined. The puzzle is to separate the 4 pieces of the two rings. Yes, 4 not 2. Even though the puzzle looks like 2 cast Donuts intertwined together. There is almost no movement in the puzzle.  The two donuts will spin within each other but the parts of each donut will barely move. Or will they?

Try solving the puzzle by imagining the inner structure and using each of the rings division lines as a hint. You will be pleasantly surprised by the unique movements needed to separate the rings.

Theme: String

The contrasting bright and dark chrome styles really show the definition between the two halves of the puzzle.

This puzzle is another brilliant design concept by Finland’s Vesa Timonen.  Vesa says about this puzzle “As many of my puzzle ideas this one also had an interesting core movement which worked as a seed for the puzzle and the rest just grew around it during multiple iterations. This was the first puzzle where I used 3D printing technology in the development and I made four different versions before I was satisfied.”

Vesa first started development of the puzzle in 2010 and the puzzle was finally released by Hanayama in late 2011 so you can see just how long the process to bring these puzzles to market is.

Size: Diameter of each Donut 35mm  The puzzle now comes in the new Hanayama Huzzle packaging size 75mm x 115mm x 45mm
Hanayama puzzles come packaged with a printed solution. Not offered as standard by other sellers.