The original B Lock By Boaz Feldman

$180.00 NZD

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange – Kanazawa, Japan. August 2001.
Presented by Boaz Feldman. Designed by Boaz Feldman. Made by Boaz Feldman.

It might look like the B-Lock but it is a totally different mechanism to Boaz’s first B-Lock puzzle. 

It may not be quite as hard as his father’s famous Danlock. But still a very difficult puzzle to solve.

This puzzle lock is designed and made by Boaz Feldman. All B-Locks, are made from real padlocks made by Nabob in Israel that Boaz has precision-machined into this unique puzzle lock.

Size: 64mm x 43mm x 13mm  A smaller size puzzle than the lock used for the DanLock.
Packaged in a felt bag with Boaz Feldman’s card and instructions to solve.

It seems that designing and making puzzle locks runs in the Feldman family. Boaz’s father Dan is famous for the mechanical puzzle masterpiece that is the Danlock (also available here at Mr Puzzle) and Boaz has now taken on the mantle to keep creating it.

The original B lock is no longer being made, rare to find add one to your collection today!