Authentic Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards

$28.00 NZD


Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards

A legend reborn!

Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards have been remastered to become your everyday deck of cards.

At first glance, these Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards look identical to the original Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards you know and love. Same face and back design, and same red or blue color. However, once you take them out of the case, you’ll realize they offer SO MUCH MORE!

Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards were built to be your new everyday carry. Printed on thin-crushed, premium stock by the US Playing Card Company, they offer exceptional performance for cardists and magicians, while a traditional cut also ensures faro shuffles can be conducted with ease. Combine this insane functionality with a crazy low price and you have a true gem that every card enthusiast needs to add to their collection.

Just be warned, this affordability combined with the popularity of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards means these 1st edition Modern Feel Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards won’t be around for long. So, add a couple blue or red decks to your cart, or a few of both to complete your collection, and checkout before it’s too late!

What are Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards?

About 47 years ago, Jerry’s Nugget Casino in Las Vegas manufactured a new signature deck of cards for their table games. For some unknown reason, the casino didn’t end up using them in live action and instead stored them away in a warehouse. Little did they know, these playing cards would eventually become one of the most sought after deck of cards ever made

Roughly a decade later, the abandoned playing cards resurfaced at Jerry’s Nugget Casino. However, the weren’t being used on the blackjack table and were instead being sold as a $2 souvenir deck in the gift shop. This is how Lee Asher happened upon them and the rest is history. He quickly spread the news about the remarkable Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards and it wasn’t long before a brick of these collectable playing cards was commanding prices equivalent to a used car.

The fame of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards rose to meteoric heights before the original stock completely sold out in late 1999. Every deck had been purchased, yet, collectors still yearned for them. Secondhand prices skyrocketed and resourceful scam artists took advantage of eager collectors by selling counterfeit decks. This inspired Lee to collaborate with Expert Playing Card Company to gain the rights to reprint these iconic cards legally.

Following 3 years of stressful licensing negotiations,??Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards are available again. This time in a functional Modern Feel and an exclusive collector's edition Vintage Feel.