ATM Wooden puzzle box

  • When giving a gift of money to someone special, replace the usual paper envelope with this special wooden money puzzle. 
    Slide your gift into the puzzle box, lock the puzzle up again, and it’s ready to give.  The instructions are enclosed so it’s easy to setup. Just hard for them to do!
    This design allows your gift recipient to see the goodies – now they just have to work out how to get them out.  Not quite as easy as getting cash out from an ATM!  Don’t count on getting it out too quickly.

    A fun trick opening gift for Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Showers, family gatherings and holiday celebrations! Fits cash bills, gift certificates, tickets, and more!

This is the replacement wooden currency brainteaser from Dilemma Games for the Bits & Pieces ATM and Currency Vault Puzzles that we previously sold.

Size: 205mm x 102mm x 25mm The space inside under the clear acrylic cover is enough for a few notes or tickets. 

What I have fitted inside the holder is:
–  20 cash notes laid flat
–  20 single sheets of plain white paper cut to size

We also have a Gift Card size puzzle box. The solution mechanism for both puzzles is the same but implemented slightly differently. It is just the size of the puzzle that is different.
The puzzle is shrink wrapped with a solution enclosed.

Note: The cash and gift card shown in the photos does not come with the puzzle when you buy it.