Akiyama Packing Box. Multi-challenge.

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  • A very (VERY) difficult puzzle with multiple goals to challenge you. Try to pack all 8 pieces in the box first. Then try to pack the puzzle into the 10 other regular shapes that Vinco has challenged you to.

    Difficulty 5+/5 on Vinco’s scale.
    Yes, Vinco believes this is even outside his rating system. Harder than his 5 out of 5 puzzles.

This puzzle comes already solved. It’s so hard to do we couldn’t be so cruel as to sell it unassembled.
But why not just tip them out without looking and make your day really puzzling? Vinco has included a solution just in case you get really stuck.

There’s also some easier challenges for less experienced puzzlers.  Some are shown on the label on the box. But inside there’s a sheet containing those and 8 other shapes from the same pieces. Some are just as difficult as doing the cube.

Size: The outside wooden box is made from Oak and measures 58mm x 58mm x 53mm

The puzzle pieces are made from a mix of woods. Vinco collects many trees in his local area to create these puzzles including acacia, ash, beech, cherry, elm, larch, maple, oak, pear, plum and walnut. The wood used in each puzzle may vary unless otherwise specified. The puzzles are finished with liquid bees wax to showcase the natural color and texture of the timber. Vinco loves puzzles and loves making puzzles. He’s been doing it for more than 25 years. He brings care and attention to detail to every puzzle he makes and this one is no different.