GiiKER Smart Four connected Smart Board Game Great Gift!

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GiiKER AI Featured 3-Dimensional Electronic 4 in A Row Connect Strategy Board Game, Family Picnic Camping Party Travel Game Toy for Kids and Adults

Super fun & brainy game: Use strategy and connect four game pieces in a row in 3-Dimension before your opponent does. The rule is simple, the fun is endless!

AI featured Board Game: The board records your moves and gives wining indications where Four pieces are connected. You can quickly fire up a head-to-head competition, play against the infused robot, or test your math skills from the mini-game.

APP Connected Game: Users can play against the adaptive AI and improve the advanced statistics; Battle with other players online and join a community of Smart Four from all over the world.

Innovative and educational: While you have fun playing Smart Four, it will help stimulate different parts of the brain and help improve your logical thinking, spatial thinking capacity, and also strategic thinking capacity.

Great gift for all ages: It’s a great game to shape family night or quick game to relax during the break in office. Leave the game on display and its stylish design will spark a conversation – possibly invite a spontaneous game. Get it for yourselves and for others!



Brand: GIIKER from Xiaomi Youpin

Name: Smart Four Men Chess

Model: JKSZQ001

Main material: ABS/Magnet

Battery type: 3.7V lithium battery

Charging interface: USB Type-c

Connection method: Bluetooth connection